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Oral surgery
Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the medical specialty that deals with the removal of dental outbreaks from the oral cavity.

The most common therapeutic procedures in the dental office are the extraction of dental residues (simple or surgical approach), the extraction of the upper and lower mind molars (odontectomies), the removal of root cysts and the addition of synthetic bone instead of the defects resulting from dental extraction / odontectomy / cystectomy.

It should be noted that the surgical part requires prior training, carries a number of risks and is therefore not suitable for any patient and should not be considered a trivial surgery.

Any surgical intervention requires local peripheral or transverse anesthesia and for this reason an investigation of the patient's history is required. A trivial anesthesia is considered to be a risky therapeutic procedure and therefore should not be treated superficially and should not be abused.

Following the surgery itself, there follows an oral healing period with a variable duration, from a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the therapeutic procedure. Also, depending on the general status of the patient and the complexity of the surgery, the doctor determines the need for antibiotic therapy. Follow-up of the doctor's instructions is essential in avoiding post-surgical complications, which, if they occur, have extremely unpleasant consequences for the patient.

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