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Pediatric dentistry – pedodontics
Pediatric dentistry–pedodontics

Pediatric dentistry–pedodontics

Stomatologie pediatrica

The child is not an adult in miniature.

This is one of the first important things a student learns in dentistry. The child has a totally different behavior and affective experiences than an adult. Pain is perceived in a different form by a child, and a therapeutic act performed in a more harsh and invasive manner is perceived by the little patient as an aggression that will cause not only a negative reaction, but especially a fear and a phobia for dentistry.

It also contributes to the unconscious parents who frighten the child with a visit to the dentist and where if he is not well he will be given an injection. The result is that many children end up with an exaggerated fear of adolescence, but also with serious dental problems.

In our cabinet everything is transformed into a play with the little patient, who after a short time acquainted with the doctor and the space will feel at home and will return with pleasure. Our goal is not only to treat the conditions present in the little patient, but especially to educate him about the dental hygiene and eating habits. A healthy tooth is prepared from childhood and therefore the younger the patient becomes more aware of the importance of healthy and beautiful teeth, the more motivated he will continue to be.

The age at which the child can be brought to the dental office is around 2 years, when everything is new to him and can be considered an interesting play, it all depends on the approach of the doctor and parents. After getting used to the doctor and the environment, one can go to the dental treatment itself, respectively to professional seals and sanitization. If necessary, simple or complicated caries with or without anesthesia are treated. In the meantime, fluoridations can also be performed. If during the development of the child it is observed the onset of abnormalities that require orthodontic treatment, the necessary orthodontic treatments will be performed.

Working with children is extremely easy, enjoyable and fun at the same time for a doctor who is patient and loves children. Therefore, it is preferable that once a child has accepted a doctor he will follow them over the years. Therefore, a control visit is required at least every 6 months

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