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Implantology and surgery

Dental implantology is the medical specialty that deals with the insertion

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Dental aesthetics

It is known that an attractive smile can do a lot. Most of the time this is the first thing that is observed in a person.

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Dental prophylaxis

Professional hygiene is the totality of the dental operations that ensure the cleaning

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Radiodiagnosis is the stage of visualization and study of dental radiographs

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A simple decay not treated in time can evolve into a complicated decay with a pulp or pulp gangrene.

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Endodontics and surgery

Endodontics is the medical specialty that deals with the treatment of dental

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A healthy dentition in an adult person is being prepared

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Dental prosthetics deals with the restoration and replacement of dental crowns destroyed by tooth decay or lost as a result

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Periodontal disease is, along with dental caries, one of the most common

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Stomatologie pediatrica

The child is not an adult in miniature.

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Oral surgery

Oral surgery is the medical specialty that deals with the removal of dental outbreaks from the oral cavity.

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