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Dental prosthetics deals with the restoration and replacement of dental crowns destroyed by tooth decay or lost as a result

of extraction. 

When a tooth is lost and in its place remains an empty space on the dental arch, the neighboring teeth tend to migrate and tip over to the free area. Also, antagonistic teeth have a tendency to erupt in the free space. Thus, these dental migrations gradually cause a series of blockages during the chewing processes, which in turn will cause temporary damage to the temporal-mandibular joint with a full range of painful symptoms.

The teeth adjacent to the edentulous area will slowly thaw their root, a sign of bone loss, they will begin to heal and they will cause premature interference and contact. The aesthetic aspect has to suffer from the beginning through the edentulous area, and in time the lack of treatment will determine by subsequent complications an aged facies.

Basically, this creates the premises for a series of diseases that are extremely complex and difficult to treat, and which consume extremely many resources both financially and especially time.

Among the prosthetic works we must mention: ceramic facets, crowns and dental bridges, prosthetic works on implants, inlays and onlays, skeletal prostheses and partial and total mobilizable acrylic prostheses.

Prosthetics, due to the complexity of the tasks involved, requires clinical experience, theoretical knowledge, a lot of patience and time. Our doctors meet all these desires. We only cooperate with the dental technology laboratories in Cluj-Napoca, which rise to our level of exigency and which over time have proven the quality of the prosthetic works performed.

Performing a good quality prosthetic work is a complex process, which requires several sessions and for this reason a certain amount of time is required.

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