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Periodontal disease is, along with dental caries, one of the most common

diseases encountered in dentistry. This consists of inflammation of the gums and supporting tissues of the tooth, with gradual atrophy (loss) of bone height and increased tooth mobility. In cases where treatment is delayed, tooth loss can occur. The first visible sign is the gingival retraction. But when this occurs, some of the bone supporting the tooth has already been lost.

Generally, in the last years, the appearance of periodontal diseases in young patients even 20 years old is observed. The causes of this disease are multiple, having both a genetic component and a functional component. Periodontal disease can be stopped and kept for a long time in a latent phase. The first step consists in the visa to the dentist and a radiology diagnosis performed on a digital radiograph (digital optic).

From this moment on, professional hygiene and proper treatment follow, from simple applications of antibiotic solutions to dental immobilization and periodontal surgery.

The failure to treat periodontal disease in addition to the loss of dental units with the complications resulting from it also affects the general health of the body with serious repercussions on it.

At present, teeth are no longer lost due to periodontal disease if the patient presents to the doctor in a timely manner and is periodically supervised by the dentist. Any dental unit with mobility can be immobilized by various means ensuring both aesthetics and functionality.

However, to achieve these treatments it is necessary to have practical clinical experience and a lot of theoretical knowledge.

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