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Implantology and surgery
Implantology and surgery

Implantology and surgery

Implantology and surgery

Dental implantology is the medical specialty that deals with the insertion

of titanium metal implants in place of the missing dental roots. During surgical procedures for insertion of the dental implant, both synthetic bone and a resorbable collagen membrane are used. After the period of osseointegration of the implant it is possible to proceed to the prosthesis of the edentulous space.

Dental aesthetics also includes the implantology stage and aims to correct the facial appearance by various means: dental whitening, restoration of the obturations, prosthetics and last but not least surgical.

It should be noted that implantology is not suitable for any patient and should not be considered a trivial surgery. A successful implantologic treatment requires from the beginning a detailed analysis of the general health status of the patient followed by an analysis of the future area in which the implant will be inserted. A simple dental x-ray is not enough to insert an implant and is merely indicative. It is necessary a dental tomography (dental CT) that performs a 3D reconstruction of the whole area, in which all the anatomical elements of the vicinity are identified and the simulations with different types of implants are performed. In order to be successful, the principle of minimal invasiveness must be observed during insertion. Also, the patient's unhealthy habits will need to be reviewed if he wants to keep the implant in the oral cavity for as long as possible. Thus dental hygiene is essential, as is smoking cessation. The dental implant is a metal structure artificially inserted into the bone and for this reason does not possess the means of defense that a natural tooth possesses.

Any inflammation of the surrounding gum will rapidly affect the underlying bone which will generally react by resorption and cause implant loss in the absence of prompt intervention. For this reason the rigorous selection of patients ensures a good success rate (over 90%) of modern implantology. In our office and we practice a rigorous selection of patients who will undergo the implantology treatment, which ensures the success of maintaining the implant long term.

Another essential stage in implantology is the prosthetic stage, which, due to the fact that it is an artificial structure inserted into the bone, must be extremely precise. The principle of passivity of prosthetic structures and of perfect prosthetic occlusal adaptation must be strictly observed.

In conclusion, for an implant inserted into the oral cavity, if in the first 6 months there were no problems and the patient complies with the doctor's instructions, the chances of losing it are significantly reduced. If after the prosthetic loading in the next 6 months there are no problems and the patient continues to follow the indications received, the chance that the implant will resist in the oral cavity are maximum.

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