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Cost of dental services

                                                                              Dental service rates
  Dear patient! In this section are presented the prices for special services. You can find the    full range of prices and services of the dental clinic «Life Dental Clinic» at a consultation,  appointment at the phone number: + (373) 69 214 434

Name of service Price
Consultation + treatment  plan Free
Anesthesia 10  €
Digital radiography (X-ray) 10 €
Panoramic radiography (X-ray) 5 €
Total 3D computed tomography of maxilla and mandible 35 €

Dental caries therapy

Name of service Price
Preparing of superficial fissural carious cavity and tooth filling/obturation 35 €
Preparing of a medium depth cavity on the occlusal surface and tooth reconstruction 45 €
Preparation of the mesial-distal carious surface and tooth reconstruction

60 €

Preparation of the carious cavity on the mesial-occlusal-distal surface  and tooth reconstruction

75 €

Restoration of the tooth with total coronary destruction (with pivot) 55 € 
Aesthetic restoration 125 €
 Aesthetic restoration with fiberglass pivot 145 €


Pulpitis, periodontitis  therapy (Endodontics)

Name of service Price
Pulp chamber drilling, application  of arsenic paste  and temporary bandage 15 €
Pulp removal, drug processing, instrumental widening of the monoradicular tooth canal and its filling 40 €
Pulp removal, drug processing, instrumental widening of the root canal  of the biradicular  tooth and their filling                 80 €
Pulp removal, drug processing, instrumental widening of the tooth with three roots canal and their filling    90-120 €
Endodontic retreatment. Applying the paste with antiseptic 15€


Aesthetics and oral hygiene

Name of service Price
Professional cleaning of the oral cavity                                                 50 €
Ultraviolet tooth whitening

225 -30min

280 -45 min

330  -60min

Skyce (artificial diamond) 30 €
Endodontic whitening 20 €
Plasmolifting (one tube) 105 €


Prosthetic dentistry

Name of service Price
Crown section (1 unit)                                                                           15 
Acrylic Crown (temporary) 35 
Metal-ceramic Crown 125 
Zirconia(zirconium) crown 200  
Zirconium crown faceted with ceramics 260 
Inlay, Onlay, Overlay, Endolay 200 €
Veneer (E-Max, empress) 300 


Implant prosthetics

Name of service Price
Crown on JD Evolution implant (Italy), with standard abutment included 260            
Global D implant crown (France) with standard abutment included 280  
Individualized prosthetic abutment made of zirconium oxide 105  

Temporary tooth on Global D implant


Temporary tooth on JD Evolution implant



Mobilisable prostheses

Name of service Price
Total / partial mobilizable prosthesis                                                     225  
Partial mobilizable  prosthesis made of  BioDentaplast (Bredent) 425 



Oral surgery and implantology

Name of service Price
Medicamentous bandage, applications                                                                                                              10 
Dental extraction (simple) 35 
Dental extraction (difficult) 50 
Dental extraction (wisdom teeth) (38/48) 50 
Dental extraction (wisdom teeth 38/48 (difficult) 125 
Elongation of the clinical Crown (1 unit) 40 
Augmentation of the alveola after extraction - (depending on the material used) 50-125 
Implant opening - and insertion of gingival conformator (1 unit) 25 
Sinus lifting (transcrestal) 125  
Sinus lifting (laterale) 500-650 
Frenectomy 45 
Excision of the tooth “hood” 50 €
Wound suturing 15 
JD Evolution Dental Implant 300 
Global D/ Inkone Dental Implant 450 
Global D / Twinkon  ultra-short dental Implant 600 



Name of service Price
Orthodontic consultation                                                                                        Free
Classic system of metal braces  400 
Self-ligating system metal braces  600  
Sapphire braces system 600 
Ceramic braces system  550 €
Self-ligating system ceramic braces 800 €
Aligners 800 €

Pediatric dentistry

Consultation + treatment plan Free
Anesthesia 10€


Panoramic radiography 15 
Professional cleaning of the oral cavity with a brush 45 

Fissure sealing


Desensitizing Treatment

 Treatment of decay teeth caries 35 
 Periodontitis treatment 50 
Pulpitis treatment 35 
 Removal of temporary teeth with anesthesia 15 
 Removal of temporary teeth without anesthesia 10 





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