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Dental aesthetics
Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics

It is known that an attractive smile can do a lot. Most of the time this is the first thing that is observed in a person.

A beautiful smile creates the person who possesses it not only self-confidence, but also offers more opportunities. Scientific studies have shown that the pleasant and bright appearance of the teeth can rejuvenate a person over 10 years.

The therapeutic solutions that are currently available can solve any problem related to dental aesthetics and can provide a smile for anyone. It just needs the doctor's skill and patient patience.

The therapeutic solutions are numerous and start from the dental bleaching and the restorations with composite materials of last generation of the existing fillings (fillers), going to prosthetic works, orthodontics and implant therapy. Prosthetic works include both ceramic dental facets, as well as metallic-ceramic and fully ceramic zirconium crowns.

Dental jewelry glued to the dental surface is another way to bring out a beautiful and healthy smile. By the technique of casting they do not destroy the tooth surface.

Veneers are part of the usual prosthetic means used by dental aesthetics to substantially improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient.

Of the other main alternatives, namely the light-curing composite fillers and the metal-ceramic / integral ceramic coating crowns, they offer the best aesthetics.
The major advantages of the dental facets are represented by the minimal preparation of the tooth in question, respectively a minimal grinding mainly only of the vestibular face and very little of the proximal and palatal ones, but especially the stability of the results obtained over time.

Dental veneers are a viable alternative only if patients are motivated to follow the doctor's instructions and want to radically improve the appearance of their smile, but also keep the results for a long time.

Not every case can be rehabilitated by dental veneers. The case must be analyzed very well, and if there are signs of nocturnal or diurnal bruxism as well as major occlusal dysfunctions are contraindicated.

The dental technician plays a decisive role in the outcome of the final preparation. For this reason, our team collaborates only with dental laboratories in which experienced dental technicians work and whose results have stood the test of time.

The dentist, based on his training, is the only one who can provide the necessary competent explanations and determine the type of therapy for each patient.

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