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Endodontics and surgery
Endodontics and surgery

Endodontics and surgery

Endodontics and surgery

Endodontics is the medical specialty that deals with the treatment of dental

roots / dental channels. It involves removing the inflamed or necrotic / gangrenous dental pulp from the inside of the tooth, followed by its replacement with long-lasting sealing materials.

There are situations when there is a spread of the infectious process in the bone around the tooth root, having the starting point of the infected tooth, in some cases it is necessary to surgically remove it and reconstruct the bone defect using artificial bone granules and a collagen membrane. resorbable (guided tissue regeneration).

The final stage of dental treatment is the final restoration of the dental crown.

In the absence of the proper treatment and necessarily performed by a doctor competent in this specialty, a dental abscess may be defended and the tooth may eventually be lost.

Proper endodontic treatment involves several sessions and a lot of time allocated to this work. Preoperative digital radiography is required, after which the actual treatment begins. The treatment must necessarily be carried out in perfect isolation with dike and electronically measure the length of the dental channels using the locator apex. Working with the magnification system (dental magnifiers) greatly helps to increase the quality. The tactile sense of an experienced specialist will make the difference in the treatment result. At present, the best results in time are obtained from endodontic treatment with rotary instrumentation and vertical hot condensation. An intermediate x-ray is followed and finally the final control x-ray. Finally, we move to the final coronary obstruction.

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