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Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova

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Dental tourism in Moldova has become very attractive for the Europeans, we are located in the Republic of Moldova, the city of Chisinau. Take the opportunity to visit a new tourist destination, the dental tour will help you solve all your dental problems.

  • Affordable prices for dental treatment from the best dentists in Moldova;
  • The ability to perform the most complex dental procedures in the shortest possible time;
  • 5 dental offices: family dental office;
  • All types of dentistry: aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, general dentistry;
  • Whether you are looking for a periodontist, orthodontist, surgeon, pediatric dentist, or general dentist, you can easily find selected dentists.

The dental clinic located in the Republic of Moldova is equipped with modern equipment and guarantees the quality of dental work, as it is provided by the best specialists. In addition, our highly qualified staff has a wealth of experience. Life Dental Clinic experts are renowned in their fields as they improve their skills and knowledge by participating in multiple national and international medical dental conferences and specializations.

Our medical tourism consulting company can help you find:

  • the best cost of a dental implant;
  • quality dentistry;
  • exceptional and pleasant dental offers;
  • modern equipment;
  • experienced doctors;
  • quality dental services;
  • high-quality sterilization;
  • quality materials for all dentists' work;
  • affordable cost of dental tourism;
  • a pleasant and simple atmosphere in the dental clinic.

Our clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services performed in a short time frame and at very competitive prices. These conditions work both for complex fixed dentures, implant work, and for daily dental care.

Feedback from patients who have come to use the dental tourism service in Moldova is the biggest source of pride for our team, which daily tries to meet the needs of all those who decide to rely on us. In our clinic, you will learn what painless and effective dental treatment at the most pleasant prices throughout Moldova means.

Absolutely every work performed in the clinic has a guarantee and certification since we use only proven materials and equipment that meet all the requirements of the European Union.

The dental tour package includes the following items:
  • The airport;
  • Transport;
  • Translator;
  • Support and assistance during treatment;
  • Legal assistance (if necessary);
  • Accommodation in an elite hotel in the city center;
  • The hotel has the following advantages: gym, sauna, conference room, lecture hall.
Additional services included:
• Bar on the hotel's territory;
• Restaurant on the hotel's territory;
• Massage services from India;

Contact us to make an appointment with the dentist. Dentists are at your disposal to take care of your dental problems.

We wish each of you a beautiful and healthy smile!

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