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General dentistry

General dentistry

General dentistry

General dentistry is the dental medical specialty that treats all the dental conditions

, dealing generally with the treatments of complete and complex oral rehabilitation.

Practically, the complex and complete oral rehabilitation aims first of all to design a treatment plan that completely recovers the lost functions of the dento-maxillary apparatus (especially mastication and aesthetics) and aims to maintain the long-term results of the treatment.

The first step is the professional hygiene of the oral cavity, followed by the recovery of the dental remains and the extraction of those considered to be irrecoverable. It is worth noting that in modern conservative and minimally invasive dentistry almost any dental unit can be recovered. Following is the treatment of simple and complicated caries followed by surgical interventions (extractions, endodontic surgery, periodontal surgery, implantology - if applicable). An orthodontic stage may also be included if necessary. Finally, it is the prosthetic stage that will also represent the end of the treatment. Basically such rehabilitation can easily extend over several months and for this reason the time requirement is also high.

A doctor treating such a case should know quite well each of the specialties of dentistry. The doctor must have an overview of the whole case, be able to devise an individualized treatment plan and ultimately to maintain long-term outcomes.

All of this requires a great deal of clinical experience as well as a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge.

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